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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 

Cuanajo, Tzin-tzun-tzan, y Quiroga: Part 1

Took a great little trip with Javier, Amandine, and Marisol. First stop was Cuanajo where they sell cheap, wood furniture. I purchased a little coffee table which I've been sanding this week to prepare it for some nice, dark stain ala Home Depot. Pictures to come once I've got at least one room pulled together.

Javier's bitchin shades and 'stache.

My 3 best (and only) amigos, helping me look for furniture in Cuanajo

The high desert scenery en route to Tzin-tzun-tzan and Quiroga.
After Cuanajo we headed over to Tzin-tzun-tzan for a little look around. Tzin-tzun-tzan is famous for an old Church and little hats. Well, it's not famous for little hats yet...but fashionistas take note - these little babies are going to be hott! (See following photo with profesional models wearing said little hats)

Gueritos con sombreritos en Tzin-tzun-tzan

Super duper old church in Tzin-tzun-tzan

BUT...just as we set foot inside the ancient church walls, the ground began to shake and everything went fuzzy....

Oh no!? What happened to our intrepid travelers? Were they crushed in a pile of rubble and aviator shades? Did the earth swallow them whole like tasty green tic-tacs? Or did they complete their trials and emerge victorious in Quiroga only to gorge themselves on delicious carnitas tacos?



Thanks Nigel. It's definitely fun.

Can we vote?

I really want the dude with the immense forehead and the Italy jersey to get crushed by a big Guadalupe Virgin statue.

I'd spare you for now since I want to see more pictures.


GO NATE GO!! Cheering loud and proud from SF...

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